Proposed Amalgamation of the congregations of Consecon and Carrying Place United Churches

At the April 02, 2017 annual General Meeting of the Consecon Pastoral Charge discussion arose as an item from the floor about the possibility of amalgamation of the two congregations with a view to consolidating and realizing savings. As we have been worshipping together for over two years it was felt to be a natural progression.

Subsequently, a motion was put forward as shown in the following excerpt from the the minutes:

..... it is incumbent on us to take a proactive approach and start forward planning immediately. Kente Presbytery will be asked to help us with this forward planning, perhaps recommending a facilitator to guide our deliberations.

MOTION: Moved by Carol Rout, seconded by Peggy Leavey, THAT, with the guidance of Kente Presbytery, the Consecon-Carrying Place Pastoral Charge begin the process of planning its future with an eye to formal amalgamation of the two points of the pastoral charge.CARRIED

The Chair thanked everyone for their openness and honesty and for sharing the feeling that the two congregations have become one family.

On Monday, April 10, 2017
Rev. Ryan McNally, Chair of the Kente Presbytery Visioning team, met with five folk drawn from both congregations to familiarize himself with our situation and to offer suggestions for "next steps" to be taken.
Sunday April 30, 2017
Following the service, as legally required, worshippers broke into separate groups by congregation, and concurrently met to discuss the proposal. After discussion, a secret ballot was taken to ascertain the readiness of each congregation to proceed. Both votes were solidly positive

After lunch Rev. Ryan McNally amd Lynne Shorey, Kente Presbytery President, joined us. They had us share our thoughts and then shared some alternative answers from outside the box.

As each congregation is a separate legal entity we must go back to our membership rolls and notify all members to ensure that we have sufficient members in attendance to meet the required minimum of 1/3 attendance to achieve quorum at a congregational vote held by each congregation.
On May 06, 2017 In the interests of informing members and adherants of both congregations a letter was created and e-mailed to all whose email addresses are on record, with paper copies made available at church on May 07, 2017. The letter explains what folk need to do to ensure thay have a vote.
The letter as disseminated is available for viewing in the link below.
View the LETTER

Additional further steps were taken (followup phone calls, emails, etc.) to ensure all interested parties are made aware of the process and their role in it.
Monday, May 15 2017
The Official Board met at 7PM in Carrying Place Church to discuss options to show everyone voting that there are still lots of options and work to be done.

Tuesday, May 16 2017
The joint session and M&P comittees met at 1PM in Carrying Place to review the historical roll and prepare to put forward names of supporting adherants wishing to become members and gain the right to vote.

Sunday June 4, 2017
After service the board met (as required by the Manual)to review the names of those wishing to be added to the roll to affirm their inclusion. They were admitted to the respective congregation as part of the service on June 11, 2017 by An Affirmation or Re-Affirmation of Faith.

Sunday, June 11, 2017
The final vote on amalgamation was held after Service at Carrying Place. The two congregations met separately, discussed a motion to amalgamate and voted by secret ballot. The motion passed decisively in each meeting.
A second motion was presented and discussed, giving the governing body of the combined congregation the authority to discuss disposition of assets with Presbytery. Any dispotion of Real Property must of course, be authorized by the congregation at a congregational meeting called for that purpose. The motion was voted on by a show of hands and again passed readily in each meeting.
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